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Jack Foster

12/10/2021 1 min read


Sometimes getting treated badly creates positive outcomes!

I've hosted jazzraptor.com on GoDaddy for about (gulp) 18 years! A few years agao, I kept the domain but removed the hosted website because it was expensive. I paid like $20 a year for to keep the domain on GoDaddy, which came with a free e-mail account: jack@jazzraptor.com. So basically, I was paying $20 a year for the e-mail account.

About a month ago, a received a few emails that were purportedly from GoDaddy, that warned that I was about to lose a GoDaddy product unless I took action. I knew my domain didn't come up for renewal for another month, and when I looked at the e-mail, the product I was about to lose was . . . Microsoft 365. I didn't have any other product through GoDaddy other than the domain, . . . I thought. So I figured the e-mails were a phishing expedition and I ignored them.

I receive my e-mail through Microsoft Outlook, and therefore it isn't at all obvious when I receive e-mail which address the sender has used. It all looks the same to me. So I didn't notice . . . THAT GODADDY HAD DELETED MY E-MAIL ACCOUNT jack@jazzraptor.com . . . just one month before the domain renewal was to come up! I went almost a month not receiving e-mails from that account!

When I finally figured that out, I called GoDaddy to see what had happened. They said they had unbundled the (previously free) e-mail from the domain hosting, and they wanted to now charge me for the e-mail service. The price? The "deal" was about $50 a year for three years. I was pretty mad that they had screwed me like that, but I wanted to continue the e-mail. So I paid up, and continued the day in a very foul mood. For the next hour anyway, ultra-cognitive dissonance. Why did I let myself be blackmailed like that?

Then a light bulb went on. Didn't I own the domain? Couldn't I transfer it to another host?

After a bit of research I decided I definitely wanted to transfer. I called GoDaddy, canceled the renewal, and went with a new hosting company: Hostinger. So I get this new webpage and e-mail for WAY cheaper than GoDaddy. The e-mail is up and running, and now the new website is working! (created with zyro . . .)

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