Hi, I’m Jack.  Jack Foster.  Jack Foster III.  “Jazzraptor” is my pseudonym of sorts.  When I was first looking for an internet handle, I sat at the computer keying in names that were already taken -- “jack”, “jack3”, “jazz”.  I looked over, deep in thought, and there was my young son Jackson pretending to be a prehistoric velociraptor!  The jazzraptor was born!  The handle kind of sounded like my name (“jazzraptor” . . ”jackfoster”), but was unique and full of imagery and music.  I mostly play rock, but I’ve always loved jazz, too, especially the wonderful chords.

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I’ve always been a songwriter.  I met producer Trent Gardner when we both were enlisted to play a one-off show, and we hit it off.  He agreed to listen to some of my original stuff, and the rest is history!  Take some time.  Look, watch, and listen!


Jack Foster III, Robert Berry, Gary Pihl, Mike Vanderhule, and Dave Medd of December People

Merry Christmas, World!

Jack Foster III, Richard Huebner, Lynda Upthegrove, Casey Smiley, and Dennis Harper of DreamCycle and the Jam Stallions